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Elizabeth Spotswood Spencer, Elizabeth Spencer, resume, cv


            2001-2004   Master of Fine Arts in Artisanry. University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth,                                           Dartmouth MA. Woodworking-interdisciplinary focus

                                Honors of Distinction Award

            1998-2000   Bachelors of Fine Art. Murray State University, Murray, KY.  

                                Woodworking, Functional Design



Selected Exhibitions (*indicates solo show)

             2015     GreenHill Center for NC Art,  Winter Show, Greensboro NC

             2015    *Helms Art Gallery, Elizabeth Spotswood Alexander, Wingate University, Wingate, NC


             2014     New Elements Gallery, October, Wilmington, NC

             2014     Ohio Craft Museum, Figure It, July 13- Aug 24, Columbus, OH


             2013     The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, A Sense of Place: Ten Years from the Ogden,

                          Dec 5-Jan 5, New Orleans, LA

              2013     The Bascom Center for Visual Art, American Art Today: Figures, Sept 7- Jan 5, 

                          Highlands, NC. Curator: Jonathan Stulman

             2013     Blue Heron Gallery, They Used to Work Here: Art by Haystack’s Summer Assistants,

                          July 14- Sept 1, Deer Isle, MA

             2013     GreenHill Center for NC Art, Speaking in Species, Jun 14- Aug 18, Greensboro, NC

                          Invitational Exhibition

             2013     Donkey Mill Art Center, Cycles of Life: Contemporary Narrative in the Visual Arts,                                Feb 12-Apr 16, Holualoa, HI.  Invitational


              2012     Wayne Art Center, Craftforms 2012, Nov 30- Jan 16, Wayne, PA. 

                          Curator: Cindi Strauss

                        *Gallery A, The Etiquette of Migration, Jul 9 –Sept 29, Raleigh, NC

                          Mint Museum of Art and Craft Uptown, Fairytales, Fantasy, and Fear,

                          Mar 3– July 8, Charlotte, NC

                          Sandra J. Blaine Gallery, At 20: A Creative Continuum, Arrowmont School of Art and                              Craft,  Mar 16- May 9, Gatlinburg, TN


               2010     Mangere Arts Center, OBJECTive Art Awards, Auckland, NZ.

                         *Ross Gallery, Country Calendar, Central Piedmont Community College,

                          Sept 15- Nov 15,  Charlotte, NC

                          Pease Gallery, Eclectic, Central Piedmont Community College, Jan 1-31,

                           Charlotte, NC.


              2009     Arrowmont Gallery, Women In Wood, Curator: Karen Greene, Gatlinburg, TN 

                          Dunedin Fine Art Center, Craft-ed! Curator: Mindy Soloman,

                          Apr 2- May 22, Tampa, FL


            2008     Clara M. Eagle Gallery, Honoring Paul Sasso, Murray State University, Murray, KY


                         Loggia Gallery, Arrowmont Spring Faculty Exhibition, Arrowmont School of Art and

                         Craft, Gatlinburg TN


            2007    *Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Beyond the Briar Patch, Mar 3- Apr 1, New Orleans, LA 

                         Kendall College of Art and Design, Speaking In Species, Grand Rapids, MI

                         Curator: Brent Skidmore


            2006    *Winfrey Blackburn Gallery, Beyond the Briar Patch, Mary Anderson Center for Art,

                          Oct 28- Jan 13, Mount St. Francis, IN.

                          Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Life InSight , Lousiville, KY

                          Curator: Gail Brown, Invitational

                          Mary & Al Shands Gallery & Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Spotlight 2006,

                          Louisville, KY, Curator: Bruce Pepich


Grants, Honors and Awards

            2014      Regional Project Artist Grant, NC

            2012      Guest Artist, Hawaii Collaboration, Holualoa, HI. Oct 16- Oct 21

            2010      First Place, Whangareí Sculpture Symposium, Whangarei NZ

            2009      Speaker, Industrious, Furniture Conference hosted by the Furniture Society

                          Boone, NC.  June 10- 13

            2009      Guest Artist, Collaboration NZ, New Zealand Arts Council. McGregor’s Bay, NZ.  

                          Mar 23-30

            2008      Emma Lake Collaboration, Saskatchewan Craft Council, Big River, Canada.

                          Jul 24- Aug 4

            2007      Acting Director, New Pacific Studios, Mt. Bruce, NZ. May-July

            2007      Collaboration NZ, New Zealand Arts Council, McGregor’s Bay, NZ. Apr 4- 24

            2006-2007   Affiliate Resident Artist, McColl Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC

            2006      Regional Artist Grant, North Carolina Arts and Science Council, Charlotte NC

            2006      Public Art Commission, North West School of the Arts, Charlotte, NC

            2006      Arts Teach Grant in cooperation with the McColl Center for Visual Art,

                          Charlotte, NC


Public Collections

            2016      Helms Gallery, Wingate University, Wingate NC

            2015      Helms Gallery, Wingate University, Wingate NC

            2010      Whangarei Airport, Whangarei, NZ

            2010      Whangarei District Council, Whangarei NZ

            2008      North Carolina School of the Arts, Charlotte, NC

            2007      Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA       



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